We buy and sell vintage toys and collections


We would love to buy everything that we are offered but sadly collectors generally want the very best models unless they are particualry rare when they will then make exceptions. If your items are not in the best condition we would suggest that auction sites like eBay are the best place to sell these items and the market will set its own price. 

Types of toy that we buy

  • Diecast toy vehicles in Mint or Excellent (see below). Examples of manufacturers include Matchbox both regular and Superfast, Dinky and Corgi. We will buy models without a box as long as their condition is mint or excellent
  • Britains Farm and Zoo models, such as figures, vehicles, trees and buildings. Pre-1980 items are especially welcome.
  • Scalextrics vehicles and accessories, boxed or unboxed.
  • Action Man from the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s
  • TV & Film-Related items, e.g. james Bond, Green Hornet, Batman, Superman, Super-Heroes etc. Only boxed or carded, not loose.
  • Pre-1980 toy catalogues


Mint Condition

The model will have no marks, blemishes or scratches whatsoever and the box will have no repairs, creases or graffiti and the colour should be crisp. In summary it should be as good as it left the factory.

Matchbox Superfast No.31B Volksdragon – red body with yellow interior, “eyes” label, purple glass – Mint including type I box.
A good example of a mint car in a mint box.

Excellent Plus

The model may have some very minor marks but these wont distract from the overall condition. The box may have some very minor creasing or a pencil price mark

Corgi 154 Ferrari Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Car
This model looks mint but close inspection will show small paint loss to nose of the vehicle.


The model will have more noticeable marks but sill be very presentable.  The box may have more notable creasing and be slighly faded but there should be no repairs

Corgi 324 Marcos 1800 GT - white body with green engine stripes, red interior with figure driver, wire wheels - Excellent Plus still a beautiful example in an Excellent Plus blue and yellow carded picture box - also comes with collectors club folded leaflet and unapplied racing numbers. 
This model looks great but it does have some minor flaws on close inspection.