Frequently asked questions


Shipping & Postage

Q. Do we ship globally?
A. Yes, we will send models pretty much anywhere in the world.

Q. Which Couriers do you use?
A. We use Royal Mail for all deliveries except for very high value items being shipped abroad and then we will use UPS or DHL.

Q. What happens if items go missing in the post?
A. Fortunatley we have never lost an item in the post in 20 years. We did have one item that took four months only because it was sent by ship to Australia and a recent order to Portugal took six weeks but both items did arrive, eventually.  That said,  if an item does go missing they are always sent by an insured service and we will issue a refund once the time limits that Royal Mail uses have been reached.

Q. How much is shipping?
A. Please refer to our shipping page which can be found by following this link. Global Shipping

What happens if I am unhappy with my order?

Q. What happens if I am not happy with my order when it arrives?
A. If the item is not as described for whatever reason then you can return it at our cost. If you simply want to return it because you no longer want it then it can be returned at your cost as long as its within three days. Items must be returned in the original packing and recieved back in the same condition they left us. Once we have the item we will issue a refund less a 10% admin fee to cover our costs for packaging, non refundable credit card fees and our time.


Q. Will you value my individual models or collection?
A. The simple answer is yes as this is a service we can offer, however there may well be a fee involved. If you are looking to sell to us then we will make you an offer based on an appraisal of what you have, this will not be a retail price as we are running a business and we have costs and need to make a profit. If you simply want a price for valuation purposes and the collection is large there can be potentially hours of work to examine and then document our findings. In these circumstances we will charge a 2% valuation fee with a minimum charge of £25.

Q. How do you value items?
A. There are a number of factors that have a bearing on a valuation; the original purchase cost and how long ago did I purchased it. The rarity of the item and how easy it will be to obtain another similar model. The box carries a significant influence to the price. If you have a mint model but poor box it is like selling an unboxed item alternatively a mint box with a poor model does not support a higher price. As the buyer only you can decide what is good value. An antique dealer once said to me something that is cheap will be cheap for a reason and will always be cheap, something that is expensive now will feel cheap in the future as the value will always rise. In short the cream always rises to the top.

Condition Reports

Q. How do I know what condition the model is in?
A. Its in all our interests for us to provide you the buyer with as much information as possible to enable you to make an informed purchase. We provide many high quality digital photographs for each model to cover all angles. We also provide a fairly detailed written description. We will always send further pictures if requested. 


Q. Do we accept cheques?
A. Yes, please make them payable to N. Y. Simpson

Q. Do you habe to have a Paypal account to use a credit card?
A. No - You simply follow the checkout instructions like most other payment gateways. If you do have a Paypal account its just a bit faster.

Q. Can I come and collect and pay in cash?
A. No - We are not a shop and therefore for secuity purposes we only provide a mail order service.

Q. Do we offer discounts?
A. Generally not as stock is not easy to come by. That said if you are interested in a quantity of vehicles then we would normally come to an agreement.

What happens if my item is damaged?

Q. What happens if a model arrives and its been damaged in the post?
A. If the packaging is badly damaged, photograph it before opening it further and then carefully open the box. Hopefully the model is not damaged as we wrap everything securly. If the model is damaged please send us a photo and then we can let you know what to do. Generally we ask for the item to be returned. We will then refund you and take out a claim on the postage insurance. 

Q. How often do items get damaged in the post?
A. We have never had an item damaged in the post in 20 years.

Model Care

Q. How should I look after my models?
A. We advise keeping them in their boxes if that appropriate and out of direct sunlight as this can bleach the colours. If they are on display we strongly recommend that you invest in a display cabinet to minimise the amount of dust and if you do need to clean then just a dry duster. Do not use any chemicals or polishes.


Q. Are the models you sell suitable for children?
A. The short answer is No. We do not sell toys. Nothing we sell constitues a toy in the context of something to play with. Many of the models we sell have small parts and are old. These are collectable items and should not be bought for any other purpose. We take no responsibility for any injury caused by our models.